Transitioning From East Coast to West: Some Hot Tips

So you just moved to La from the East Coast. You and about a million others, am I right? It’s a well known destination for those looking to escape the horrors of New England winters. The endless sun and opportunities entice even the coldest darkest hearts of North Easterners. But driving across the nation with your worldly possessions within your Subaru is actually all well and good, but when you get here, you’ll wish to fit in without delay. You’ll desire to be one with all the lifestyle that is certainly SoCal lifestyle. Mostly dissimilarities, although there are a few similarities. Here’s the basics of what you should know about your new life.

Your Wheels


First, of all, your Subaru was cool back home, having its AWD and ability to handle even the most inclement of weather. But friend, there’s no inclement weather here. When it rains, it’s a period of time for rejoicing because of the epic drought we’re having actually. So, when investing in to LA, you must trade that gramma car in for something more LA. You can find a lot of great used cars in Los Angeles, you don’t need to get something brand-new or anything. You can trade that Subbie in at Downtown Nissan for a nice sleek Xterra or Maxima, something with power, sleek lines, and the ability to show those close to you that you are within LA for any reason, you are on a mission, and nobody is going to stop you.

Goodbye Super Market


You’re probably used to going to the super market and getting all of the supplies you need to make various meals, in the semi-routine type fashion. That sounds nice. Well, forget it. When you’re in LA, there is so much cheap and delicious food options probably right around your very home, that there’s almost no need at all to go shopping. Just get someone else to make you lunch and dinner every day. You won’t really be spending more money than you otherwise would be and you’ll save time, get away from home, and be an authentic Angelino quickly. May I recommend the taco trucks and pretty much every other truck that you could come across.

Windows Open All Through The Year


The best thing about LA is that you may keep your windows in your car and your home open all through the year. A lot of people still need air conditioning and fine, if you’re in the Valley, I get it. But if you’re in Hollywood or about the east side, you can really get by with having those windows open year round. It’s amazing to have that natural air waft through on the lazy January afternoon when you’re accustomed to shivering even under a cover inside. Also, you can have screens, but you really don’t have to, because there are no bugs there, either. No mosquitoes! Can you imagine? Well you don’t have to, you may live this dream life here in Los Angeles, of natural warmth and airwarmth and bliss all year long.