Three Awesome Ways to Act Like a Kid

The days of-nighters and parties are probably gone now and have been replaced with soccer games and play dates. Just because you might have become a responsible grown-up does not necessarily mean that you have to surrender the things that you loved with your youth. Get in touch with your kid side with these great things.

1. A Retro Games Console

Whether the NES or the Sega Genesis was your thing, there is a whole fan base of such systems and games out there. You can buy each of the systems online on sites like eBay or hope that they turn up at yard sales or on Craig’s List. Games are everywhere, with many vintage stores having a whole section focused on them. Retro gaming is a cheap hobby, meaning that you could have the game collection that you just always wanted as a kid for the cost of just a few games for among the big name modern consoles.

2. Get Muddy


By using a car much like the Jeep Wrangler from jeep san juan capistrano, you may go off road, meaning that exist just as dirty as whenever you were playing in mud puddles as being a kid. The Wrangler may be the original off roading vehicle and is considered the best, plus it has lots of great features to help make your morning commute awesome as well. Schedule your test drive today at OC Auto.

3. Embrace Your Inner Nerd


If you have kids, think about introducing them to comics and cosplay. It will be an exciting and creative activity to do together. Design costumes, immerse yourself in various fan universes and go to conventions to meet your best stars. Get all of those action figures that your mom wouldn’t let you get when you were a kid. Some day they may be collectible.