Keeping a Car Clean with Minimum Effort

It’s not nice to generalize but I do suspect that, when it comes to cars people fall into two categories. You can find the:

“It doesn’t’ matter what I do, my car is always a mess. It’s not just a way to get from A to B – it’s yet another lunch spot, a juke box, a coffee shop, play ground, trash can and everything else . . . “

And there would be the:

“Don’t touch the car, I spent two hours polishing it this morning, wipe your feet before getting in and don’t think about eating that trail mix in there . . . “

Surely there must be a contented medium somewhere – some way that us ordinary, non paranoid types can manage to keep our cars neat and tidy without putting in lots of effort or alienating our entire families and friends.

At McPeek Dodge they’ve seen them all . . . although all of the cars are been found spotlessly naturally. Here’s the best way to make sure that they stay this way with the minimum amount of effort. It’s exactly about following simple rules.

• Don’t eat in the car – how this can help! If you don’t eat in the vehicle you won’t have to worry about the endless stains, cartons, wrappers, other and crumbs spillages.


• Give your car an occasional wax treatment – how this helps! The occasional waxing does make washing your vehicle very much easier, when you eventually decide that you just do have the time and the inclination to do it.

• Kick the snow from your boots prior to getting in – how this can help! All you have to do would be to sit on the seat with the legs outside and tap your feet together a couple of times (a lttle bit like Dorothy and her Ruby Slippers). This will avoid the floors from getting icy, grimy and wet.

• Don’t enable the kids in – how this helps! In the event you don’t allow any kids into your car they won’t be able to mess it up, everybody knows that kids make cars messy, so. This will not be a practical solution for parents but for everybody else it functions just fine.


• Put it in the garage – how this assists! If you can maintain your car safely locked up in a garage at night it can prevent it from getting dirty or damaged from the night. If you don’t have got a garage at the very least remember to park it somewhere the birds can’t roost over and do what birds do best.


• Carry a trashbag – how this helps! If you have a small trash bag in the car it means there is actually a place to put the trash other than a floor, and quite remarkably this can make a huge difference. It can also help to prevent trash from rolling under the seats and into those awkward to get to places where you can’t reach to completely clean every easily.

• If you leave take something with you – how this helps! Every time you go to the gas station empty the trash out of your car and take it out, that’s a great habit to get into, actually every time you get out of the car take something with you which should not, or need not be there. It will probably be tidy quickly.

So there you are – a few very quick and easy methods of keeping your car tidy and clean which the laziest of drivers can manage. If you’re looking for a Mc Peek Dodge is the place to travel – they’ve got plenty of tidy and clean, shiny motors that you can choose from.