Hennessey Escalade, What You Need To KNOW


The Cadillac Escalade will not be an understated auto. Actually, the Cadillac Escalade can be as far removed from ‘understated’ as David Moyes is today taken from ‘gainful employment’.

But it seems that will still be people who find the huge, stainless-toothed Escalade a little too… demure for luxurious preferences, as the good people at Hennessey Functionality – yep, them associated with the 270mph Venom – have considering the substantial SUV a bit more.

About 32 % much more, to be precise. Through incorporating a buckle-powered supercharger, new intercooler and software, the 6.2-litre V8 in Hennessey’s Escalade now constitutes a instead scary 557bhp and 542lb feet of torque, up from your regular V8 Escalade’s pitiful 420bhp and 460lb ft.

It’s safe to say acceleration should be lightly harrowing, even with the Escalade’s 2.5-tonnekerbweight against you, although no official -60mph time.

On the visual side, Hennessey has added a set of 20-inch forged alloys, though surprisingly has steered clear of treating the Escalade to a bodykit. Not a car, this is possibly because adding any more cladding to an Escalade would require it to be legally classified as a dwelling.

“The Escalade is the perfect system to get a Hennessey infusion of horsepower,” states HPE boss John Hennessey. “I consider making this our up coming family hauler for the five teens and four Labrador Retrievers…”

Here is hoping someone’s well informed the Labradors of the prepare. Now, will it be just us, or perhaps is there anything somewhat fantastic in the Hennessey Escalade’s dedication to overkill?