Be a Worldly Driver

I love my country. Truly. We are so fortunate to live in the good old US of A! We have such diversity and freedoms that it’s easy to take what we have for granted. It’s important never to though. We also have so many stunning natural wonders spread across this great country of ours, that there’s really something for everyone! Just because we live in this kind of amazing country doesn’t mean we can’t take a lot from the rest of the world, however. Many of our sciences were born in the Middle East. Huge industries that people all depend upon for technology and entertainment are derived from Asia, and much of the culture and elegance that we embrace on a daily basis originates from Europe. Europe is synonymous with romance and fashion and we just adore to embrace some of that flare at home. There are many fun ways to show off our worldly desires here, and there’s not better strategy to start compared to a brand new, 2015 Fiat.


That which was once the darling automotive gem of Europe is now taking America by storm. Since it was bought by Chrysler, Fiat car sightings are slowly becoming a staple. And that’s not surprising. They’re sleek, European, adorable and practical. Melt into seemingly microscopic parking spaces and turn on any money, they’re really easy to love because of the way they zip around city streets. Seriously, these things handle like a fighter plane making use of their inspired maneuverability and silky handling. I used to be fortunate enough to test drive one just a few days ago, and through the second I had been sitting in its cozy little cockpit, I was in heaven. It represents everything that is European. It can be efficient and classy with inspired engineering and innovative features that can make you feel like your own little hub of culture.


If you’re interested in showing off your cosmopolitan nature, check out the new Fiats online at either fiat santa monica or OC Fiat and prepare to seem like James Bond over a mission. A mini mission.

There are other ways to show off your European flare here at home, and for me, that starts off with food. I’m a foodie at heart, meaning I’m always searching for the next great delectable dish. Just like the Europeans. They’re renowned for their rare beef, buttery sauces and incomparable chocolate. I frequently search online and get inspired by European recipes and after that execute them in my own kitchen. Last night, I invited friends over and crafted a coq au vin, a French favorite. Here in La, and in most of Southern California, it’s easy to find European inspired merchants and restaurants where you can sink your teeth into some culture and get inspired for culinary innovations in your own home. A part of being cultured is being adventurous, even though many people are a little shy to expand our palates at first.