1984 Volkswagen GTI Vs. 2015 GTI: A Closer Look


Joe Montana or Tom Brady? Madonna or Young lady Gaga? The 1st love or perhaps the new flame? It’s inside our nature to check in the rearview looking glass, to study the brightness of your existing against the very best of the last. It’s no distinct with auto fanatics. For those places where cars have better-safety, efficiency and performance reliability-they nonetheless live in the shadow of history. The great thing about cars, though, is that we don’t have to rely solely on our memories. We can find well-kept classic cars-the icons that enthusiasts worship-and pit them against their modern equivalents, though we’ll never know how twenty-eight-year-old Michael Jordan would have fared against twenty-eight-year-old LeBron James. That’s exactly what we did with one of these several matchups. It’s throttle cabling compared to primary injections. AM radios vs . infotainment screens. Aged-auto patina vs . new-vehicle smell. So, was it really better then? Come back following Thursday for the next entrance in this range.

Younger readers can’t even picture 1983, but trust me: All of the Subaru WRXs, Mazda 3s, and Ford Focus STs you take for granted today, individuals slick-as-fat tiny vehicles? They would not are present without the unique Volkswagen GTI.

The 2015 GTI, the 7th-technology variation that we’re cranking throughout the mountains of Virginia, would rarely recognize its Duran Duran-era self. Sure, now it also involves ambient cabin lighting, even though the original’s red eyeliner is still there.

The GTI has paid out into its elder-statesman position. It’s no more an underdog. Somewhat, it is probably the most mature, nicely-groomed very hot hatch, pleased to permit pups such as the Ford Concentration Saint nip its shoes. The 2015 model’s ridiculous-unique features, performance and technology and protection reveal that the GTI is more than simply the initial warm hatch. The VW is and was an avatar of any cultural and automotive tendency: the democratization of luxury.

The Golfing-based hustler shoves 18-“” rims to its shapely drives and corners them a silken 2.-liter TSI turbocharged a number of-cylinder producing 210 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. With all the overall performance package introducing 10 horses, even bigger brakes, along with an electronic digital limited-move diff-with an optionally available motorist-variable magnet suspensions-our Euro-spec GTI managed a genuine Golf R impersonation.

The GTI also pleases whims you’d assume inside a $50,000 or $100,000 car. The leather-lined Volkswagen (plaid material is offered) will release by itself from a stop, peer backward, guide you property, dial telephone calls, swivel headlamps, stream music, and whomp a subwoofer. Shortly, it would quickly rate targeted traffic, guard your blind locations, and may also even park your car itself (characteristics haven’t nevertheless been finalized for United states automobiles).

Digital GTI would not recognize its old Rabbit-based self, the feeling is mutual, if the new. The boxy progenitor is proudly analog, from its whip antenna to the guidebook doorway fastens, home window cranks, and power-free of charge directing that causes a shoulder workout at very low rates of speed. Handling limits are low, boasting are typical but nonexistent: 185/60R-14 car tires, an eight-valve 1.8-liter engine, back drum braking system, plus a dealership-installed Craig AM/FM stereo system. Airbags? Are you some type of wimp?

But-and unsurprisingly into a writer who owned and operated the two ’88 and ’85 GTIs-this buzzy, underpowered hatchback nevertheless charms. Hauling about 1100 fewer lbs in comparison to the 2015 version, the 30-year-outdated GTI nonetheless has the terrier, eager to successfully pass or pester any auto in vision. The GTI’s spirit is willing, though in modern terms, the flesh is weak. Some things in no way transform.